Matrix (n):




MA, mother/moon

RA, father/sun​

Hello, dear ones!

I'm Emma Amara Elisabeth, owner and founder of

Matrix Of Amara Healing.

Welcome to a space | place where All of you is welcome and invited to sit at the altar of Medicine, Healing, Remembrance and Honoring of What IS.

I hold the belief that when we are fully present in our current experience, healing and transformation can occur. Being present to what is by tuning into what we are feeling and experiencing on all levels of being (physical, emotional, mental, energetic) brings us closer to our authentic Selves - the heart of what many of us are craving in this over-stimulated, over-worked and over-processed world.


I am a Flower Essence Therapist, Reiki Master, and Intuitive Wellness Doula.


In other words, I'm a Healing Ally that sees you for where you're at, and helps you to experience and uncover more freedom and liberation in your life.


I hold a vision for you in your full, sovereign expression so that you can show up for your life as an empowered and embodied creator.

My studies have been primarily based in women's health, energetic/vibrational medicine, herbalism, tantra, holistic nutrition, yoga and the subtle body. 

I also have a background in teaching yoga and working as an instructor for nature-based programs, as well as Waldorf education and other non-traditional educational modalities. This background has helped me to see the support that is needed at all times and transitions of life.

As a practitioner, I combine my abilities as an energetic intuitive and channel with grounded earth-based practices for a holistic experience.

Ever evolving, shifting and learning, I am always delving further into what it means to be of service during these transformative times. 

Who Am I? 

I am a woman dedicated to the healing and liberation of All. 


I am a student of the Self. 

At a young age, I understood that I am a woman of multitudes.

This has allowed me to experience a large spectrum of Life Landscapes, opening my capacity for empathy, understanding, and relation to those of All walks of life. 


My path has never been a traditional one.

 Instead, I've focused on acquiring holistic healing tools that have become the lens through which I work and live. 

With this, I bow to All in the fierceness of what it truly means To Be Whole. 

Trainings, Certifications + Credentials: 

I am constantly feeding myself and my healing practice through continuing education. Currently I'm interested in the studies of  Plant Spirit Medicine, Re-wilding, Nonviolent Communication, Divine Feminine Reclaiming, and my relationship to Devotion.


My curiosities of the natural world and the ecstatic union between the seen and unseen are endless sources of nourishment.

Note: As of Fall 2018, I am on hiatus from taking 1:1 clients as I finish my BA degree in Women's, Gender + Sexuality Studies at SUNY New Paltz.

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