Do you run a group program?
Are you a coach that works with seekers of Self and those on the healing journey?

Do you work with people in big life transitions who are seeking support from multiple perspectives?



Flower Essence Therapy shines in combination with other modalities and programs that teach the value of intuitive listening, emotional intelligence and deep inner journeying.


They also are a great addition to day-to-day struggles or issues that come up repeatedly. As a form of vibrational medicine, Flower Essences support shifts within the energetic body that spirals into everyday life.


Working with Flower Essences accelerates and activates what one is already working through, speeding up the healing process and helping one to move through blocks or feelings of stagnancy. This makes Flower Essence Therapy a wonderful companion to energy work such as Reiki, psychotherapy, entrepreneurship/building a business, group programs focused on self-help or self-growth, Teacher Training programs of all kind…


The possibilities of support are endless!


How it works:

~Individual Essences~


As a part of the package with your group program, your clients receive one custom Flower Essence Blend after an individualized 30-45 minute consultation.


You + I brainstorm pricing and if you’d like each participant in your program to receive this wonderful addition to your offering.


There’s also another option for Flower Essence Therapy to be an add-on to your program.


Custom essence blends are a great option for clients that are committed and curious to go deeper into their Self-Knowing. It’s especially helpful for programs that are focused on embodying leadership and sovereignty, as well as clients that have dealt with significant trauma.

~Group Essences~


I am available to create a customized group essence blend for each participant or client.


I’ll send the customized blend to each person after you + I connect about what your clients are learning, working on/through, the details of your program and any other relevant information.


After we speak, I will craft a sacred space, connect with the higher selves of those who will receive the essence, and use muscle testing/dowsing (working with a pendulum) to alchemize a universal yet highly co-created blend.


This option is great if you’d like to keep things more simple for your clients, with the added benefit of a group-centered experience with this sacred Plant Medicine.



Please contact me below with your name, phone number, and a brief overview of your program or a link to your offering.

I’ll write you back to set up a time to talk further!

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