I have never been one to shy away from the fire of transformation. 

I have traveled the inner depths of my pain and emerged completely renewed many times. My path is to follow the elements that call to me, listen, and continue to remember every part of myself that I have rejected, feared, lost or shamed.

As an eternal student, teacher, muse, writer and healing guide, these parts of myself have come back // sometimes fiercely and with discomfort, other times with a warm honey welcome. My training as a flower essence therapist, reiki master and yoga instructor has opened me to seeing the subtle connections and interwoven energy within all of life, preparing me to be a healing guide, witness and ally for others. 

Recently, I have returned to school to pursue a degree in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. I am currently interested in and a student of the intersection between the healing arts, creative self expression and social justice.

Ever evolving, shifting and learning, I am always delving further into what it means to be of service during these transformative times.

Matrix (n):




MA, mother/moon

RA, father/sun​

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