Flower Essence Therapy  

Flower Essence Therapy
Flower essences are energetic remedies derived from living flowers. A flower essence formula is a liquid elixir distributed in small dropper bottles to be taken several times throughout the day.


The essences work with your energetic body to help facilitate shifts and movement of emotions, thought patterns, deep seated beliefs, etc. They support an integration of our innate wholeness, that which has often been fragmented due to trauma. Most traumas that occur are lodged in the energetic and physical body, creating symptoms of dis-ease and pain. Flower essences work gently over time to restructure the energetic body. They help cultivate awareness of subconscious patterns, surfacing them to the conscious mind in order for healing and an integration of wholeness to occur.


For centuries people have used flower essences for healing on the physical and energetic plane, for ceremony, and for spiritual development. Dr. Edward Bach reintroduced flower essences into our culture, most famously with his formula “Rescue Remedy”.


It is important to note that taking Flower Essences will have a varied effect for each individual. They work best over time, although some individuals experience profound instantaneous healing. Matrix of Amara recommends a minimum of 3 sessions (one session per month) to truly benefit from the shifts that the essences allow.


What to expect from the first session:

During our first session together, please allow for 1.5 hours. We will create a sacred space for your higher self and your highest intentions for working with the flower medicine to come through. This will be a time of intake with a series of questions guided by intuition and my training as a Woman Rising Practitioner. As per the Woman Rising tradition of Flower Essence therapy, I will bring awareness to your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras to create a strong basis for your healing.

After our session, you will be sent a dosage formula containing 3-9 essences to take for the following month. The first formula serves as a base for the flowers to begin interacting with your energetic system.


My sessions are filled with compassion, deep listening, and practical suggestions. As a practitioner, I will meet you exactly where you are at.

3-Month Journey:

Flower Essence Therapy has optimal results when done over at least a 3 month span of time. While you may see results after your first few days of taking the first formula, the most effective way for the essences to work is over a journey of 3+ months.  

You are safe to unfold, to bloom, to shine, to seek ~ to Liberate yourself.

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