August 22, 2017

How many of us have been caught in a cycle of pain and disease, whether mental, physical, or both, that is challenging to shake?

Have you found yourself wondering, when am I ever going to heal from this, when will I be "better" again? 

There was a time on my healing jour...

August 7, 2017

My most recent trip to the ocean had me captivated by a process that I feel quite intimate with lately- The dissolving of boundaries, the mergence of edges with the whole, and the ability to transcend my own perception of situations that "bind" me. 

In other words, I ba...

July 24, 2017

Earlier this year, I experienced a personal healing crisis. Only a few weeks prior to being physically unable to get out of bed, suffering from adrenal fatigue and hormonal haywire, I received this powerful message. I often reflect and listen to the underlying message...

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