Plant Medicine + The Muse 

An interview series exploring the lives of creative visionaries + the medicine that inspires them. 

May 30, 2018

What does Medicine mean to you? What does Muse mean to you?

△  From my experience these two archetypes of the Muse and the Medicine Woman, go hand in hand. They have certainly woven themselves together throughout my life, making it clear that one does not exist without the other. The Medicine informs the Muse and the Muse informs the Medicine, just like the infinity loop flight pattern of a hummingbird’s wings. Both continuously inform one another through an ongoing conversation.

We are in a time where a lot of people are waking up rapidly and one of the things we are waking up to is that the form of “medicine” we’ve been sold as part of corporate consumer “waste” culture isn’t really true soul medicine. Classical “western medicine” has its place but where it largely misses the mark is how it denigrates, denies and represses the soul. From my perspective true medicine hono...

March 15, 2018

What does Medicine mean to you? What does Muse mean to you?

Medicine to me is what feeds our soul, energetic body and waking mind in order to directly affect our physical body. It allows us to become the best version of ourselves and brings balance upon us. It is working in harmony with this that makes it so potent.

Muse works in a similar way. It brings to light the dormant which already lives inside. It awakens the sleeping self. The energetics stored like a reserve deep with our being are tapped into and freed by the muse, like a dragon locked within a deep, dark cave. 

How has your relationship to both evolved throughout your life? Tell us a bit about your journey.  

Medicine has evolved the most recently and the muse has always been there. I have been a visual artist for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a very art influenced family, be it painting, woodcarving, fibe...

February 16, 2018

What does Medicine mean to you? What does Muse mean to you?

In my experience the Muse is a force that lives in a Matrix surrounding all of us at all times, in all levels of dimensional experience. The Muse is always ready to enter into embodiment. When un-embodied, this force is too large for any human mind to comprehend.

Every single moment and every act of creativity lives in this force /// A field of information, one which is never stagnant and is in ever-expansion, matching the potentiality of the human beings receptivity.

As we evolve, so does the Muse.

Medicine, in my experience, can live in anything. Medicine is always active. However, for this Medicine to be experienced (embodied/integrated) one must be aware of its potential and develop a conscious relationship with it.

Once this awareness is cultivated, Medicine is available in any given thing/being/experience. Medicine...

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