• PROCESS // musings of wholeness + remembrance

    "may these words help you to know, to see, to trust

    that no matter what process you are in right now,

    you are whole."


    PROCESS  is a 46 page booklet of poetry, musings + prose that spans 5+ years of my life. It is a collection that invites you into a space of your remembrance, your truth, your wholeness. My writing has been described as raw, relatable, ancient, transformational, intense, beautiful, loving... I describe my writing as simply a process of that which brings me back to my Self, time + time again. It is my prayer that these words will do the same for you, too.


    from the introduction...


    "I have always been a woman who changes, a lot.

    I have always been a woman interested in the process more than the result.


    Many of these poems were written years ago, in a world where I dreamt of publishing a different type of collection.


    In a world where I was still discovering just how much the process means to me, more than the result.


    I have always been a woman who changes, a lot.


    These changes have brought forth self-hatred, self-shame, self-anything-other-than-love.


    This is my ode to just how valuable the process of seeing myself - of forgiving myself through seeing myself - truly is.


    These are my musings of remembrance..."


    ~designed, printed, + published by me, Emma Amara Elisabeth, with love <3~


    photos by Lindsey Erin Luna

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