• Sovereign Essence Blend


    White Yarrow + Queen Anne's Lace support you in stepping into sovereign power as a queen that serves.


    For those that wish to be supported and protected in taking healthy control over their lives through embodiment of absolute worthiness and complete personal power!


    Here's a blog post I wrote about how the Sovereign Essence came to be + the intention behind it.


    White Yarrow Achillea Millefolium

    The supreme essence for empaths, intuitives, and light beings who have incarnated into this life with the gift of sensitivity.

    • This essence completely surrounds the energetic aura as a blanket of protection, forming a cocoon of one’s own energy while shielding from outside influence that may be causing harm, imbalance or disturbance.
    • Useful for sensitive people that work in group situations and often feel a need to “retreat” due to the level of empathic energy.
    • Yarrow essence is the supportive essence for intuitives who are overwhelmed and over-saturated with outside energies.
    • Works to strengthen the personal energy shield by filtering outside energy.
    • Useful for energy workers, therapists, healers, those that work in the healthcare field- a medicine good for anyone feeling sensitive to intensity of others.
    • Helps bring forth the reminder that in any moment, one can choose whether or not to absorb outside energies.
    • Re-establishes the commitment to Self that can become unbalanced during times of sensitivity and overwhelm.

    Queen Anne’s Lace Daucus Carota

    • Restores a belief in personal power.
    • Helps one to step into the “Queen” archetype- Sovereign Ruler over any and all situations in life.
    • Useful for those that feel trapped, dis-empowered, or struggle with maintaining positive self esteem.
    • Supports a healthy balance of ego and higher self, clearing the pathway to unite both ego and higher self through divine service.
    • For times in life when we fear being “not enough” and therefore limit ourselves from the experiences that will allow us to step into full sovereign truth.
    • Supports embodiment by showing what it is like to feel supported by the Self by re-establishing connection between ego and higher Self.              


    Sold at dosage level, 1/2 oz 


    Ingredients: Brandy, Spring Water infused with essences of White Yarrow + Queen Anne's Lace

    *Please send me a message if you'd like your essences to be preserved with Apple Cider Vinegar instead of Brandy


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