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“As an energy healer, and a person who's constantly self examining, it's rare to work with someone who not only affirms your feelings but can also offer clarity and truth you hadn't even considered. Emma effortlessly gives the insight that cracks the code. The healing that shifts the story. Working with Matrix of Amara is transformational on so many levels. The one on one sessions are truly nourishing and her essences bring authentic healing. I refer all my client's to her work, as well as family and friends. Thank you so much for your gift, Emma! I'm truly blessed to have you in my life."

 - Marguerite Gioia of Ure Igne

“Emma is an incredibly tuned in, sensitive and intuitive woman who I trust so deeply. She has an ability to hone in on exactly which flowers will be the most supportive for me during the different stages of my life. I initially scheduled a consultation with her to help me prepare for conception. I had been trying to conceive for a few cycles and I felt impatient, and not in a full state of surrender. Emma created a blend for me that perfectly met my needs and I actually conceived after a couple of weeks of taking it! She has since been supporting me with custom blends during my pregnancy. These plant allies are truly amazing and to work with someone like Emma who is not only tuned into the world of plants but also to the unique emotional and spiritual needs of her clients is such a special and rare combination.” 

- Nancy Lucina, www.nancylucina.com

“My session with Emma was really in depth and connected. She asked great questions and I felt like she really honed in on my needs at that time. She was extremely intuitive, kind and I definitely felt as though the blend of essences she created for me were extremely soothing, and healing. I would recommend anyone for a session with Emma in a heartbeat."

- Joel Taylor, Musician

"Flower essences are supportive in the way that unlike conventional medicine, they support the physical, emotional, and mental body to gently facilitate change from within. Bridging the gap between conscious desires and unconscious coping mechanisms, energetic blocks, and self sabotaging behaviors, flower essences are a unique and personalized ally for healing. My experience with flower essences has been deeply beneficial, I think it's one of those things that if you believe it will work it will. And I believe. I believe in the power of energetic and vibrational healing, I believe in the power of plants and prayer and setting intentions. I believe in the power and wisdom of love to heal and transform things we didn't even know were broken. Flower essences help bring about this change. Flower essences help get you started on the path to healing, on your own path to living uninhibited, wild, and free."

- Eliza Sloane, Natural Chef

"Took your Sovereign Essence blend today. Reconnects me to my why's, roots me into my purpose, stress melts and I feel clarified in my intentions."

- Jazmine Russell, Counselor + Herbalist

"Matrix of Amara Healing has some core essences in her Apothecary that I feel should be a part of every Medicine Woman’s tool kit. I have found a number of her essences to be wonderful allies for healing the physical body (and the deeper emotional-spiritual causes behind the body’s dis-ease). As a Flower Essence Therapist, I have used her essences on myself and in specific flower essence client formulas that are focused on healing the physical body. I love all her essences, but these two are my favorites:

White yarrow is the supreme protection essence for empaths, light workers and energetically sensitive beings. I feel this essence has a deep understanding and way of meeting the needs of earth angels doing their work out in the “trenches,” which can get pretty gangster at time. I have used this essence myself and in many client formulas!

Self heal is the healer’s healer! Its a profound ally for helping chronic illness or patterns of imbalance. When I made myself a formula with this essence, it helped shed some light on the emotional roots of a deeper hormonal imbalance that I have been tending to since I was a teen. Once this wound was fully brought to light, it has enabled me to make new and healthier choices in regards to my creative expression in a way that honors (not suppresses) the wisdom of my inner teen!

Additionally, I love her "Open to Love Healing Balm" - It’s subtle and nourishing with the soothing scent of the forest. Been great for those dry body parts that require extra moisture like my elbows, lips and heels! My heart loves it too because it feels like getting a hug directly from a pine tree."

 - Jana Carrey, The Elven Starseed Oracle & Founder of Jana Carrey Healing, "Ancient Alchemy for Modern Women"

"Taking Emma’s custom blend of flower essence magic was truly an eye-opening experience. Not only did it lift the veil between my conscious and my unconscious mind but it helped me take notice on the finite details of my everyday life that I was otherwise not paying attention to. Just 3 drops a day and I immediately felt more grounded and open to the messages I was previously ignoring from the universe. These came to me in dream form; realistic, intense dreams that really showed me the true meaning of the chaos going on in my waking world. Through the processing of these dreams and the help of the flower essences I was able to ground myself and have a higher understanding of what I needed for myself."

- Sarah Little, Student + Photographer

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