Dissolving Edges

August 7, 2017

My most recent trip to the ocean had me captivated by a process that I feel quite intimate with lately- The dissolving of boundaries, the mergence of edges with the whole, and the ability to transcend my own perception of situations that "bind" me. 


In other words, I basically took a refresher course in geometry. You know, fitting triangles (edges) into one large, beautiful, edge-less circle. 


Re-learning that I don't need to completely restructure the edges within me in order to manifest a harmonic circuitous balance of Self. 


The ocean has always had this effect on me. Something about the vastness of the great Mother's waters that help me to flow more freely into my truth. With the inability to see the "end" of her, I am in awe. With limitations no longer in sight, I am encouraged to expand. I allow the sharper parts of me to dissolve.


Most often, I find myself caught in a dance around my heart space. Where can I soften more here? Where can I take in less of my own suffering? What can I do to untangle the chains that I have, unknowingly, placed on my heart space to receive more liberation? 


The exploration of these questions are endless, but they are not heavy.


They do not weigh on me like the pain of cuffs against my will. Instead, I feel freedom in the quest of undoing. As I offer my inquiry, I pray a simple prayer. I pray for mergence. I pray for to always remember that Life is beautiful. I pray for strength to continue searching more and more of myself. 


To dissolve boundaries is to walk the edge of my existence as I prepare to expand. If I am not walking the edge, I will always be afraid of what may lie at the end of all that Is. The mystery can never be known, but it can be courted, and it can become familiar and therefore less painful.


If I choose to walk the border between here and there, I find the expansion in an otherwise confining place. Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. 


i am an edgewalker


unknown territories 

feet soaked with 

the rain of other realms

i am an edgewalker


on the fringe of renewal 

only to shake off 

another skin of falsehood 

another skin of illusion 

i am an edgewalker


making friends with the sky

the wise ones, they call

i do my best

to answer 

i am an edgewalker 

one day 

i will not be returning 

to this world

to this Life 


my feet will carry me off

this edge-less cliff

into remembrance 

of a journey that has


all boundaries. 





PS:: I lean on essences to help me facilitate + integrate inner experiences such as this one. Over the past few days, I've been supported by Marshmallow Flower Essence and Echinacea Flower Essence. Click here to set up a free consultation with how Flower Essences can support your journey towards liberation as well. 




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