Self-Heal: Essence-tial Support on the Healing Journey

August 22, 2017

How many of us have been caught in a cycle of pain and disease, whether mental, physical, or both, that is challenging to shake?

Have you found yourself wondering, when am I ever going to heal from this, when will I be "better" again? 


There was a time on my healing journey when I was unable to process herbal medicine in the form of tinctures and teas. I was experiencing a lot of stomach upset with almost everything I put into my body, as if I physically could not "digest" the circumstances that I was in. My body felt like it was falling apart- Looking back, I now understand this to be part of my journey to discovering the power of Flower Essences.


One of the first flower essences that came into my life during this time was the essence of Self Heal or Heal-All (Prunella Vulgaris) ~


Prunella Vulgaris has a folk history of being used for a huge variety of conditions, probably how this amazing gem of a plant was commonly named. In the tradition of herbal medicine that I work with, I don't typically specify the conditions that plants are good for because I feel this puts a limit on how a plant can intuitively interact with the human that's working with it. Instead, I prefer to gain an understanding of the plants properties and then use it to treat conditions that would benefit from say, a heat clearing property or an anti-bacterial property. Many herbs are extremely multi-functional.


That being said, Self Heal is typically known as a tonic herb that treats inflammation (you can see this in the way the flower resembles a swollen throat), deep and surface level wounds, high blood pressure, lymphatic congestion, and has also been regarded as an herb that helps to gently pull heavy metals such as Mercury out of the body. 


Through my exploration with Self Heal as a vibrational medicine, I relate the way Self Heal as an herbal remedy pulls toxins out of the body to the way it brings to consciousness the mental debris that can be blocking the light of deep healing. 


As a Flower Essence, the name "Self-Heal" is a fitting allusion to the way the essence pulls one into a place of affirming "I have absolute trust in my ability to heal". Working with Self-Heal as a flower essence ally can help those who suffer from chronic conditions by supporting belief in the healing process, especially in circumstances where there is an agonizing grievance that things will never change. 



Self-Heal essence is the essence for revealing what may be missing, overlooked or blocking one from accessing true health. By nourishing the wellspring of life deep within the layers of the body, Self-Heal replenishes and revitalizes those that suffer from dis-ease of any kind. Restoring faith in the healing journey when it appears that all hope is lost is the gift of Self-Heal essence, because even on the most difficult of days, the affirmative belief that things are indeed shifting and healing is Self-Heal's Medicine of Liberation. 


After working with Self-Heal for a number of months, I was able to understand more of why I was experiencing such discomfort in my body and also able to find, commit, and believe in the practices that I needed in order to heal. Self-Heal essence supported me during the challenging times when I was reaching for the "easy way out", which would not have been sustainable for my growth and evolution. 



The essence of Self-Heal can support anyone from those on the healing journey with mental illness, auto-immune conditions, cancer, or more "mild" conditions (in my experience, any chronic conditions, no matter how mild, can be an extreme burden to daily life and warrants the same amount of attention and care as more intense and debilitating conditions) such as headaches, painful menstruation, and allergies. It can also be supportive to those who struggle with believing in themselves as a sovereign Self-Healer. It is truly a plant and essence of many uses to help Heal-All that is blocking one from accessing liberation, for no matter how challenged one may be, there is always a way to access liberation. 


Curious as to how Flower Essences can support your journey to liberation?


Book a Flower Essence Therapy session Here, or ask about purchasing our Self-Heal Essence Here.


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