Flower Essence Therapy for Everything + Everyone

August 28, 2017

I can say with absolute confidence that there is a Flower Essence for everything. Flower Essence Therapy is extremely versatile and can be used with other holistic healing tools for a combined approach to support you with what is present. However, the vibrational medicine of the flowers are also very effective on their own- Flower Essences are so powerful in the way that they uniquely work on the subtle layers of the body, helping to shift and change patterns that have perhaps been with a person for the duration of her or his life. 


My approach to Flower Essence Therapy takes into account the entirety of your current experience. Not just what is presenting as symptoms, but the emotional and energetic response to the symptoms as we trace back where things went off balance.


All with the perspective that as you are, right now, is completely whole and already healing.


Goldenrod (Solidago) blooming in the late summer sunset


See, it's not me as the therapist that is facilitating the shifts. I am simply the conduit for your innate essence, your Self with a capital S, the higher intelligence that is the ultimate expression of Wholeness, to begin or be strengthened by the connections that Flower Essences provide. The support that comes through during a session together is the baseline for your growth and shifts throughout the following month of taking your personal essence formula. 


Some of the conditions that Flower Essences shine with treating are:

  • Depression- Mild, Acute, and Chronic

  • Anxiety- Mild, Acute and Chronic 

  • Trauma + PTSD

  • Women's Menstrual Issues 

  • Addiction

  • Chronic Illness/Disease of all origin


A few other reasons to work with Flower Essences:

  • A desire for expanding your connection to your Self

  • Wanting to cultivate intimacy and a better understanding of your purpose + path in life

  • During times of transition, change, or rapid growth

  • Feeling numb, stuck, or on auto-pilet

  • Working through traumas that are manifesting with physical symptoms 

  • A desire to strengthen your protection and safety (great for empaths, intuitives, healers, + those who work in energetically charged environments) 

  • Ending difficult relationships or improving boundaries in challenging relationships

  • An unyielding sense that there is just "more" out there for you

  • Wanting to end addictions or break patterns that you know are preventing your full liberated existence 

  • Desiring ease, flow, abundance, manifestation, love, joy, and happiness 

These are just a number of general conditions + reasons to begin a practice of working with the plant medicine of Flower Essences. 


Until September 7th, I'm offering 3 Flower Essence Therapy sessions for the price of 1 regular session, $75.00. This special 3-month journey is to help you to get acquainted with my work as a Flower Essence Therapist and to help me as I work on my clinical certification. 


Please get in touch with me if you'd like to work together with this special rate! 

Set up a free 15-minute consultation or book your session (+ receive this promotional rate) Here.




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