I am a student of the Self.

August 31, 2017

I am a student of the Self.

My master teacher enrolled me in her class of Listening, and then the follow up of Listening and Aligned Action.

Being a student of the Self is a path of devotion to my soul in all of her many iterations.

It is not just the voice of my higher Self, but the voices of my ancestors and all of the many She’s that exist within me.

I am a student of aligning the multiplicities of my inner experience.

Ever learning, unraveling the story behind all stories.

Ever learning, with the knowing that this process is forever and there is no destination.

This is Liberation.

To not become stuck with one answer.

Instead, to be compassionate, forgiving, honest, and humbly ever-wholing my Self into non-complacent inspired action.

Pain requires presence.

So does joy.

So does bliss.

Without deep inner listening, deep inner knowing at the womb of all womb’s, I am unable to be present for either polarity on the endless spectrum of ecstatic experiences of Life.  

Yes, pain can be a source of ecstatic communion and communication with the Self.

I am a student of the Self, and also a guide in the way of evolving, unlimited truth.

There is so very much to share and express around such a topic that I also sense is widely misunderstood.
Being a student of the Self is not self-ish.

It is not “ego” driven.

It is not something that always comes in the stillness of meditation or in the realm of solitude.

It can be, and those are steps.

Ones that I return to daily.

It can also involve being an ally for absolute soul coherency in every moment, whether that’s making a decision on food, sex, social situations or work related tasks.

As you unfold into devotion of your higher Self, synchronicities happen.

Perhaps unexpected traumas come up to be healed.

It isn’t always perfectly aligned in a starry-love-is-all-there-is way.

But I bet you already know that

All of us do know the way home to the Self, yet sometimes it isn’t always accessible in the ways we think we “want”  it to be.

It’s tough work, but that doesn’t mean it’s unenjoyable, or any less rewarding.

Helping you to build, sustain and activate a solid line of communication from the already amazing YOU to the expansive, all knowing and intuitive Self is where I am of service.

It’s what my many lifetimes of inner-dialoguing has prepared me for.

To usher in the Way of Selfhood as the Way of Liberation,

As a humble devotee of the Self. 

This is a manifesto of sorts. I tend to write in a very mantra-affirmative way, so this is most likely not going to be the last manifesto "of sorts" that I share here. And it actually isn't the first, either. A few posts back I wrote about Dissolving Edges, which could read as a manifest "of sorts" as well. 

If you're reading this, know that I am so grateful for the dedication that I see you giving to your Self and the ways that you're showing up for y-o-u.

I see you, I hear you, I love you, I thank you, I honor you. 


 Image: Lindsey Erin Luna 


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