Convenience Culture for Millennials: How fulfilled are we really?

September 13, 2017

A young woman’s reflections on healing the wound of productivity.


Photo: Lindsey Erin Luna 


"I witness a paradox of sorts within me, and within the larger system. 


A paradox that sees convenience as the answer (really just a systemic reaction due to trauma) to having “enough” and to being “productive”. 


The least amount of time needed for “basic” survival tasks such as growing/harvesting food equates to more “free time”… which can ultimately lead to a lack of inner fulfillment and existential questioning of the purpose of personal existence. 


Without a deeper connection to biological life (food, death, birth, sex, nature itself) there is a hole in the web that weaves humanity with the Other (unseen presence of a connective spirit).


Without this link, there is little potential for humility and honoring of life itself, leading to distorted and disturbed ways of relating.


All of us are surviving, but not thriving, in this way."


These past few months have awakened in me a new sense of how I truly desire my life to be- What feeds me, what depletes me, and what inspires me. So much of it has to do with the potentials that I see in my generation and in change. Last week, I crystalized some of these reflections into words, sharing an article online via the publication Medium. 


I shared this in hopes of sparking a conversation (one that's already happening, thankfully) with those of you that read it. Any shares or inquiries are much appreciated and welcomed- I am on this path of learning along with you. 


You can find the full article here


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