Flower Essences For Remaining In The Heart

October 19, 2017

I think we can all agree how challenging these times are. Every moment is an opportunity for cultivating patience in uncertainty. For listening to and keeping a strong connection to the heart.


It’s not easy to live from a place of heart-centered existence. The heart has many boundaries, some positive and some destructive. The heart is conditioned in certain ways, puts a lock down on emotions and love after traumatic experiences, and in general is subject to immense overwhelm that causes one to feel disconnected from Love.


Flower Essences for the heart can be helpful in cultivating a deeper connection with this important energy center. Without proper care and attention, heart chakra imbalances can cause one to closing off to love or experiences that will enable growth. The heart cannot be ignored- But in a world that’s increasingly complicated, it can be tempting to shut off from opening the heart.


Here are some essences that can help during times of heartache, heart tension, heart tenderness, + heart hardening:


Indian Pipe- An essence for peace and unity through acceptance and awareness of love as an ally. Helps one to access emotions of compassion, empathy, and embodied understanding of another’s experience. A supporter for times when one feels detached from the heart or out of touch with universal love.


Pine- Forgiveness is essential on the path of heart-centered remembrance. Many of us live in a state of blame for both personal actions and the actions of others. When we think we could and should have done better, we enter into a state of self-depreciation that detracts from living in our fullest. This blame prevents us from moving forward. Pine helps with feelings of unworthiness and self-inflicted limitations by freeing the subconscious of emotional paralysis due to harboring judgements, whether on the self or on others.


Pink Monkeyflower- When we fear being vulnerable and exposing our true feelings or desires, we can hide from touch or healthy relationships. The heart cannot function properly without contact with others, especially contact that goes beyond surface and into soul-level expression. Pink Monkeyflower treats shame and embarrassment that arises due to prior rejection when sharing emotional truths.


Hemp Agrimony- For developing connections and easing feelings of loneliness, disconnectedness and isolation. Useful for times of inner overwhelm that results in being challenged by social situations. For feelings of unsafety in “letting your guard down” with others.


Rose Quartz- A great remedy for all pain held in the heart. Rose Quartz helps one to connect with the inner child to heal neglects and traumas that happened during childhood. Rose Quartz has this beautiful ability to swoop in like a nurturing mother, tending to the wounds that occurred in the formative years. An essence to attract the highest vibration of unconditional love.


Bleeding Heart- Supports compassion and increases sensitivities to the needs of those around. Promotes opening to love during times of challenge and distress by resolving polarities that inhibit the expression of love.


I’d recommend making a personalized blend from 3 or 4  of these essences by:


1. Taking a ½ oz glass dropper bottle and filling it with ⅔ spring water + ⅓ Brandy (or other, preferably organic, alcohol of choice)


2. Take the stock level essences (the bottle that the essence is sold in when you purchase it) and adding 3-9 drops of each essence into the ½ oz dropper bottle. This creates the dosage bottle. Stock bottle essences can last a lifetime if you create a dosage formula.


3. Labeling your dosage bottle, shake before using and then take 3 drops/3x a day. I also recommend setting it with a crystal, smudging with sage, mugwort, juniper or palo santo, or leaving it outside under a plant or moonlight.


You may find it helpful to do a clearing ritual or EMT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) along with taking essences.


I also encourage journaling, sacred movement such as dancing, and practicing setting intentions for dream-time when working with the heart chakra. Some questions for your journaling time may include:


Where do I withhold love? Where do I have trouble receiving love?


How can I create healthy balance in my relationships? What does a healthy balance mean to me?


When do I feel safe with others? When do I feel safe to be honest with myself?


Is there anything I am holding onto in my heart? What do I need to release this?


What prayers do I have for the world? What would I like to see change or happen?


How can I help and be a part in manifesting this dream?


Sending love, compassion, understanding, connection, empathy and peace your way, dear ones.


Wanting more support? Let me know- Reach out, set up a free call, or schedule a Flower Essence Therapy session here



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