Trust in Purpose (+ A Call to Deepen)

October 30, 2017

Things don’t happen by accident. Events, moments, meetings, journeys, issues- Nothing happens by chance.


There is a purpose to every moment. Can you feel the difference in your way of relating to Now, when you let that truth sink in?


There is a purpose to every moment.


What you’re experiencing, whether it’s enjoyable, uncomfortable, healthy or frustrating- There is a purpose to it all.


Most of my clients recently have been drawn to me to work through self-sabotaging or self-negating behaviors.


They KNOW that the reason why they’re reaching for that 4th glass of wine, that relationship that just doesn’t quite meet her needs, the nightly habitual overeating or neglect to exercise even when her body craves movement…


Goes WAY deeper than just these symptoms. The reasons show up from childhood. The reasons show up as ingrained unworthiness of success and happiness.


And so much more.


Maybe she knows the reason why she’s doing these things to her Self, to her Soul. But she can’t seem to intercept her patterns.


She’s stuck in this loophole because the energetic imprints are too tight. She needs to cut her Self loose from it all in order to h e a l.


Flower Essences can be phenomenal allies when dealing with patterned behaviors. They aren’t a substitute for substance abuse treatment, but they can help dramatically with improving the desire and drive to engage in unhealthy behavior.


On an energetic level, Flower Essences can help break the seals that bind someone to their addictions and help to facilitate new, healthy habits.


Everyone has some area of life where control and obsession and addiction and habit dominate.


The goal isn’t necessarily to live in a state where those don’t exist- Instead, it’s important to find right relationship and work into a balanced expression.


If you’re curious about working with the Flower Essences + myself this month, let’s talk.


There’s probably a reason why you’re drawn them at this time. You can set up a 15 minute call here


I look forward to supporting you on your journey. 




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