Forgiveness: Pine Tree Magic

November 24, 2017


F O R G I V E N E S S 



What does this word actually mean?


Can we unpack the emotion, the energy, the imprint behind this word?


What does “Forgive” evoke in your body when the sound touches your ears, your heart?


The energetics behind words can be more important than the words themselves.


By energetics, I mean the way the word feels as you say it. 


The experience you have, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 


Forgiveness, for me, is now a feeling of lightness and an energetic of openness.


It’s easier to breathe when I feel Forgiveness.


It’s harder to hold onto anger when I integrate Forgiveness.


It hasn’t always been that way, though.


Forgiveness used to hold an imprint of “losing”.


Of not being enough.


Of not learning.


Of guilt- That I, or someone else, was blamed and is now somehow "off the hook".


I wasn’t ready to let go of these imprints until I fully surrendered to the healing practice of Forgiveness.

One of the primary essence teachers of Forgiveness is Pine.


With the life-resin given from it’s bleeding wounds, we can see that Pine knows how to salve itself Whole again.


Pine teaches to forgive the Self when we have placed blame for others actions on ourselves.


Pine teaches to forgive what’s no longer serving us to hold onto- especially in situations of deep regret and those who wish they had done things differently.


We all have those moments, and some of us store them in our energy bodies for way longer than is really serving.


Recently, Pine has been helping me to heal lifetimes of woundings around making decisions that have led to heart-wrenching outcomes that I could not change.


In these lifetimes, I was confronted with a decision I made out of protecting others.


When I made this decision, it wasn't the best one for me. And I blamed myself for what could have been. 


I intercepted a journey my soul needed to go on in order to move forward.


I made decisions that limited my full expression and therefore limited my soul’s evolution, creating a painful schism and internal holes that I blamed myself for.


We've all had experiences where we think about what we could have done differently.


Most of us don't admit to regret, but it is a part of human experience.


Let's just be real about it, so we can move forward, shall we?


Pine essence helps to soften the pain that comes from un-changeable circumstances by allowing one to surrender into the truth that everything is always okay, that there are no mistakes, and eternal opportunities for healing.


There is no “one way” of being.


We cannot blame ourselves for the way we were raised, for the ways we acted.


We can reflect, but we cannot hold onto these regrets or else we become ill.


Our bark can no longer knit itself back together when we don’t allow ourselves to alchemize our pain into healing.


If Forgiveness and the medicine of the Pine is calling to you, let me know.


I look forward to connecting with you over a Flower Essence or Intuitive Wellness session here. 

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