You Are Limitless: Integrating the Subconscious

December 5, 2017



Flower Essences help facilitate shifts in the subconscious to unblock, liberate, dispel and transform subconscious beliefs and imprints that have been stored for who knows how long. Perhaps even way before you, from your great-grandmother, your past lives…


The fact that the subconscious is so powerful shows just how powerful our potential is.


I see a lot of fear around what’s “hidden” in the subconscious.


But harnessing the energy of the subconscious does not need to be feared- 


I don’t see the subconscious as a never ending abyss of limitation.


I also don’t believe that any of us truly have secrets that we’d be full-on surprised to hear our subconscious unlock. Nothing is too vast for this amount of power.


There’s a knowing in each of us that the mystery is very much so alive and well and a necessary process at this time.


When we move towards the subconscious as a path to Liberation through vibrational and energetic healers like Flower Essences, the traditional psychotherapeutic need to “poke and prod” becomes less important.


Flower Essences can help to shift the subconscious without going over everything that’s stored in there. 

The subconscious is the temple of Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the Night Sky + Mystery, She Who Will Never Be Known- and we must allow ourselves to be okay with the mystery, with the unknown.


Instead of trying to “figure it out”, why don’t we work with what we have? Can we let that be enough?


When we soften into what is, instead of always trying to change into what we think is best, our subconscious and conscious selves begin to work together and we can exist in a place of attraction, which naturally brings us the experiences that is best for us.


Best doesn’t always mean easy.


Best means Evolution.


Best means Transformation.


The subconscious is a teacher and very much so a part of the Remembering process.


Let us Remember more, together. 


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