On Transitions, Change, + Welcoming 2018

December 20, 2017

This part of the year marks the passage of time for many of us. Memories of holy-days past, and the strange man-made creation of a new year re/birth that is somewhat out of sync with the natural cycles of Gaia stirs the Potential within us all.


There’s a certain striving towards becoming our best selves that happens when the year turns, when the Solstice comes.


It’s familiar to all of us- this ache- bringing us closer to the sobering truth of Another Year Past.


It’s important to tie up loose ends at this time. Surrendering to what has ended, grieving what we cannot change, to create space for what’s coming in 2018. I have been receiving guidance that this next year will be probably be stranger, infinitely catalytic, tremendously revealing and even more “intense” than 2017.


I do also feel a lightness coming though in the intensity.


There’s a lot of clearing happening on planet right now, a lot of fire’s moving the energy of transformation deep into the bellies of all of us.


The fires of transformation is very sobering.


Change itself is sobering.


The passage of time is sobering.


It’s a revolution to Be with the process of change and sobering ourselves into clarity.


This is a time to get quiet, but not to dis-engage with others. Along with solitude, I advise speaking with those closest to you about how you’ve shown up this past year. Allowing ourselves to open to the reflection of others is a powerful way to being seeing ourselves more clearly. We all have blind spots- And this is a great time of year to offer that space of reflection with one another.


I’ve also been working with flower essences to help me clear anything that is stuck within my energetic system from this year as well. Here are some of the essences I’m currently taking to support my transition into 2018:


Fraxinella to energetically cut cords with the illness and chronic conditions I’ve worked with this year, as well as people that are no longer in my life. Minor and major traumas I’ve endured this year that I am releasing from my system, to create space.


Golden Amaranthus for surrendering to my relationship to linear time and how frustrating the ‘system’ is for me.


Goldenseal to shift habits and my routine for the coming year.


Pink Lady’s Slipper to open myself to being Love, receiving Love, and continuing to marry my inner Masculine + Feminine, even when I want to close down.


Sovereign Essence Blend (Queen Anne’s Lace + White Yarrow) for seeing clearly and stepping into my Higher Self who is the Queen of Vision. This essence is supporting my planning process for 2018, and protecting me during the holiday craze. This essence will be available for purchase soon!


I’m wishing you all a dreamy, reflective, peaceful, transformative and sobering time as we welcome in the winter Solstice and 2018.


If I can be of service, please reach out or book a session here.


With Love and Liberation,

Xo Emma


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