How To Use Your Flower Essences: Stock + Dosage Bottles

January 4, 2018

When purchasing a new Flower Essence, you want to see if it is sold at Stock or Dosage level.


Most single essences are sold at stock level, meaning that this essence is diluted once from the Mother Essence that was originally collected.


You can take your essences at stock level, or you can choose to dilute them further into a dosage essence by following these steps ~


How To Make A Dosage Bottle: 


1. Take a ½ oz glass dropper bottle and filling it with ⅔ spring water + ⅓ Brandy (or other, preferably organic, alcohol of choice)


2. Take the stock level essence (the bottle that the essence is sold in when you purchase it) and add 3-9 drops of each essence into the ½ oz dropper bottle. If you want to work with multiple essences, you can add equal drops of each here. This is how you would make a blend/formula.


3. Label your dosage bottle, shake before using, and then take 3 drops/3x a day. I also recommend setting it with a crystal, smoking it with sage, mugwort, juniper or palo santo, or leaving it outside under a plant or moonlight.




Why Dosage?


Creating dosage bottles will prolong the life of your essences. You can make many, many more dosage bottles from the stock bottles, up to 450! In truth with homeopathic remedies, the premise is that the more diluted the original medicine is, the more it will be able to infiltrate into the subtle layers of the body/mind/energy field. 


A good rule of thumb is using stock level essences for acute physical issues/symptoms, and dosage for emotionally based, chronic, or long-lasting conditions. 


All of the single essences in our Apothecary are sold at Stock level, and our blends are sold at Dosage level. 


Happy Medicine Making! 




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