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February 16, 2018


What does Medicine mean to you? What does Muse mean to you?


In my experience the Muse is a force that lives in a Matrix surrounding all of us at all times, in all levels of dimensional experience. The Muse is always ready to enter into embodiment. When un-embodied, this force is too large for any human mind to comprehend.


Every single moment and every act of creativity lives in this force /// A field of information, one which is never stagnant and is in ever-expansion, matching the potentiality of the human beings receptivity.


As we evolve, so does the Muse.


Medicine, in my experience, can live in anything. Medicine is always active. However, for this Medicine to be experienced (embodied/integrated) one must be aware of its potential and develop a conscious relationship with it.


Once this awareness is cultivated, Medicine is available in any given thing/being/experience. Medicine is available to us in every moment. Often humans ignore the profundity of this truth, because Medicine is not always easy to swallow, or digest. When we allow our systems to integrate our experiences, they become medicine. Medicine, no matter how hard the swallow, always leads to healing & epiphany, both large and small.


How has your relationship to both evolved throughout your life? Tell us a bit about your journey…


I have been in relation with the Muse for as long as I can remember. I was very blessed to have been raised by a Mother with multifaceted artistic tendencies, and that she found it important to share in these with me. Even in my many moments of frustration when I couldn’t make something as good as her, she never gave up on sharing all the possibilities of creation with me. This provided space for developing a relation with the Muse.


My mother guided me towards avenues of expression and then naturally in my own process of development, I would explore how I related to the expression/media in my own time. In that process I met the Muse. As I developed, my relation to the Muse deepened. For a long time, my work and relation was focused highly in self-portrait & love of the opposite sex. With time this evolved into relation with spirit and healing as focus, which encompasses my earlier subject focus. This is when I really started developing consciousness around the Medicine available in my relationship with the Muse.

Where does the Muse + the Medicine intertwine in your life and in your work?


It is my deepest intention in this life to honor that all acts, expressions, interactions, creations, & sharing are most useful, proactive, productive & evolutionary when they are treated as Medicine.

I am a Wombyn walking in her Medicine. With this intention persistently present, I am immediately more open & in relation with Muse;

The Divine {Bitch}.


Why Bitch? Because when we open, allow, and cultivate relation with her, there becomes nothing more worthy in this life but to develop and strengthen the relation. She is a Bitch because once the tendrils to her are focused upon, she will never let us go. And if we do not tend to this relation, we will often experience the opposite of Medicine; our life may feel like a never-ending torture.


An experience with the Muse is integrated, recorded, and then manifested. The Muse comes through strong in vision, as well as all other parts of the body. Then I record. Then I act. In this process the Muse returns and flows with the availability of the human at work. What tools? What devices of expression are present? From here S/he manifests. Each part of this experience serves my body, and spirit its medicine/healing.


Have you worked with the shadow, uncomfortable, liminal and “unseen” aspects of being a keeper of

Medicine? Would you share what you’ve harvested from these experiences?


Yes, I feel the shadow in my relation with the Medicine Keepings in many ways. The harvest is that the deeper the shadow, the deeper and more potent the Medicine/Creation. There is much unfelt in this world. Feelings, once suppressed or oppressed, lurking in the darkness seeking a vessel to move through. From there they have a chance at Transmutation. I am an open receptor of these shadow energies. I introduce them to the Muse. & Thus in this co-mingling they fulfill their service as the conduits of movement/motion/evolution, and the stagnancy is undone.


The Muse calls to everyone in a unique way- How do you court the Muse? What are some practices that you have used to develop this relationship?


Often my most powerful visions move through while infusing with and listening to progressive music. If I feel stuck or stagnant, this is always my go to. Whether through uninhibited dance, laying with eyes closed and listening, or entering into restorative yoga stretches, these practices of altering my body and state of awareness through sound are a guaranteed accepted invitation to the Muse.


Entering into the depths of the Natural World, while simultaneously dropping out of my mind and into heart/womb Connection is another deep practice I work with to court Her.


Introducing wild plants into my body, especially ones that I have harvested myself or a sister has harvested, or woven into medicine supports a gentle merging with the Muse. I often work with them (wild plants) paired with these other courting methods.   


There are a lot of subtle energies that contribute to the Muse being awakened in these experiences. These subtleties are made up of the energy of willingness and pure desire to draw Her in.

What are your thoughts on the symbiosis between being of service to the Medicine/the Muse and being of service to the greater healing of Gaia?


When we follow our relation to the Muse & drink her medicine without reluctance we herald in codes, both ancient & new. These codes manifest in many realms of expression and work, not just visual art.  


We are in deep need of these codes to heal Gaia. The consciousness we navigate life with is shifted by these codes. Gaia needs our consciousness to heighten & deepen so that we come into right relation with her in a new way which encompasses our developments in technology.


This will be the synthesis of human creation energy with earth creation energy, leading to a harmony we are only beginning to feel at this time. Many of us are still in resistance/reluctance. It is time to surrender like water down a mountain, into the unknown.


It is my understanding that the imagery that births forth through my connection with Muse, when viewed by another human, allows that human to open up to a new Matrix of energy, and become a conduit of these new codes as well. We support one another & the evolution of humanity when we court the Muse.


Are you working on any current projects or offerings that excite you fully? This can be personal or professional, tell us what has your inspiration flowing!


|  A book titled ‘She, Is’  /// A collaborative with my sister Emma Amara /// A compilation of imagery & poetry addressing modern womyns relation to the Divine Feminine Principle & the re-rising/integration of ancient knowledge.


|  Heralding in the New Code /// Body of work addressing the new codes developing for the relation of Myn & Wombyn /// The full embodiment of the Feminine principle & the Masculine principle


| The New Archetypes Deck / The Alchemy of Transcendence /// A collaborative with my sister Emma Amara /// An oracle deck focused on the synergy of human & spirit, towards supporting full transcendence of all archetypal experiences while also integrating their validity in our lives.


| At The Waters Edge /// Music /\ Art Video in collaboration with my partner Evan Mason. An honoring of the natural world & the Lightness/\Darkness of life.



Lindsey is a multi-media artist living + creating in the Hudson Valley, NY.


You can find her work on Etsy, where she sells an array of yearly Moon Phase Calendars amongst other creations. 


~ To stay updated on Lindsey's current projects, you may find her on Instagram @lindseyerinluna ~



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