Living In Harmony With The Soul: Healing With Flower Essences

February 27, 2018



It seems as if everyone I meet nowadays is working with some time of chronic illness, chronic condition, debilitating chronic pain, or acute but chronic discomfort in their physical body. This means that with more people being treated for chronic physical symptoms, the mental piece of being diagnosed with a “chronic and lasting” condition that is not “getting better” are also being treated- with drugs such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and mood stabilizers.


As an energetic wellness practitioner, I see chronic disease as a symptom of collectively held trauma that results in physical disease. Depending upon where, how, and why that specific trauma has impacted the intelligence of the body-soul connection, different issues come to manifest. In 1932, Dr. Edward Bach, creator/founder of the Bach Flower Essence Remedies and bringer of this knowledge to the modern world said that “health depends on being in harmony with our souls”.


There’s a link here – something that modern western medicine is only beginning to explore, but has been common knowledge for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian alchemists understood that the body is a portal to the soul. And any illness or manifestation of dis-ease in the body is a direct sign that one is out of harmony with the soul. What does this mean, exactly? Being out of harmony with the soul means that there is a fundamental disconnect between mind, body, and spirit. Disease and discomfort come in when the soul has exhausted all possible outlets of getting the mind’s attention, therefore the issue or trauma moves into the physical layers of the body where it can more readily gain the attention of the conscious self....


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*This is a guest post written for Sivana East.  You can read the full article here, where I share my views on chronic dis|ease as a symptom of held trauma, why the body gives physical symptoms for emotional/spiritual/mental conditions, listening to your Souls intelligence, and of course - how + which Flower Essences can support all aspects of the Healing Journey*




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