Jessica Marie Brown

March 15, 2018


What does Medicine mean to you? What does Muse mean to you?


Medicine to me is what feeds our soul, energetic body and waking mind in order to directly affect our physical body. It allows us to become the best version of ourselves and brings balance upon us. It is working in harmony with this that makes it so potent.


Muse works in a similar way. It brings to light the dormant which already lives inside. It awakens the sleeping self. The energetics stored like a reserve deep with our being are tapped into and freed by the muse, like a dragon locked within a deep, dark cave. 


How has your relationship to both evolved throughout your life? Tell us a bit about your journey.  


Medicine has evolved the most recently and the muse has always been there. I have been a visual artist for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a very art influenced family, be it painting, woodcarving, fiber arts or carpentry. My artistic abilities were always nurtured and supported.  As an Aquarian child, the muse was always there and she always changes and inspires me to do new and exciting things. 


Medicine to me now is that of which makes me, me. As I have gotten older I have realized what I need to fully feel safe and secure in my body, what gives to me and what takes away. Love for me is the best medicine.When I feel love, be it from within or external, it makes my spirit sing. Nature gives me that love when I need it most. Being in nature is the best medicine for me. I recently told me best friend, “whenever I am sad, stressed or upset, throw me in the woods.”


Every spirit, elemental and essence of that plant is there to support you, to lift you.  



Where does the Muse + the Medicine intertwine in your life and in your work?


I create talismans that serve as unseen and seen medicine for others and myself. This serves my creative drive and brings my spiritual principles into play. I work heavily with the mineral and plant beings. They inspire me to do what I do. I want to keep things as simple as possible and let the magic be extremely potent. Along with giving energy work in the form of Reiki, I want to give others a tangible medium in which to have their personal medicine and my intuitive strength, and the muse allows me to do that.


I FEEL people, really feel them. I can see through their veils and know their pain and I provide allies to help them along their way. These come in the form of me receiving the most pure of sheep's wool, spinning my intention into in and weaving magic into this little piece, within it the power of the stones and plants. Once it leaves my hands to go to the client, it’s their time to shine. Although my medicine is still slowly released, they keep on giving.


Have you worked with the shadow, uncomfortable, liminal and “unseen” aspects of being a keeper of Medicine? Would you share what you’ve harvested from these experiences?


This has come up with me recently as I have put myself and my healing practice out there. Feeling people so strongly, there have been times when I judge a person or feel nervous to work on them as I can feel their darkness or intensity. I now know I need to form boundaries for myself and feel energetically safe in my body and auric field. There is also the issue of self-preservation. I have always put others first to feel accepted and special that I forget about me. I want everyone to be comfortable and taken care of and content regardless of how I feel and it always seems to come to light eventually. As of late, I am taking time for me. I am learning to be okay with just me, just as I am and loving every bit of myself unconditionally. One has to acknowledge the shadow self, as it exists and is real and always will be, with the light comes the dark.  




The Muse calls to everyone in a unique way- How do you court the Muse? What are some practices that you have used to develop this relationship?


I feel it deeply within me. I have strong “gut” feelings about what I need to do and what I don’t. I feel the calling when I am most clear. When I see a beautiful stone or flower and need to know more. When I hear the sweet and tender words of a lover. When stepping onto the earth. I have found that when I feel most comfortable as just me, it comes. I sit for tea each morning and allow messages to come in and I sit at my altar at night to do the same. I work with the goddess, the nature spirits, the elementals and the land to achieve this state of balance and comfort. For example, when I am in my true spirit home in England, I feel ease. This ease allows for new worlds to open up and to receive me.  


What are your thoughts on the symbiosis between being of service to the Medicine/the Muse and being of service to the greater healing of Gaia?


Thinking about how I feel when I am in that state of balance, I can only imagine the collective in that state. I commune with the earth and heal myself through her. She provides medicine for us so it’s only fair that we provide that for her.



Are you working on any current projects or offerings that excite you fully? This can be personal or professional, tell us what has your inspiration flowing!


I’m so excited about growing my self in so many ways. I have just been opened to the world of the flowers and their essences and that excites me. I want to keep offering personal medicine to others and help them along their journey all the while being on mine.


I’ve decided to follow the path of the priestess and travel to Avalon and Scotland a few times in the coming year and to go further into communication with the spirits of the plants and the land. I know the strength of my medicine. My cup overflows and I yearn to share. 




Jessica Marie Brown is an healing arrtist + herbal creatrix based in Asheville, North Carolina.


You can find her Talismans along with her other creations on her website.


 ~ To stay updated on all of Jessica's offerings, you may find her on Instagram @starseedalchemy ~



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