Full Moon In Libra: Rose Quartz Gem Essence Medicine Making

April 10, 2018

 On March 31st, on the Full Moon in Libra opposite the shining, strong Sun in Aries, I made a Rose Quartz Gem essence. The following is the message I received while making this essence (the essence's properties and healing aspects) and a bit about my powerful ceremonial experience making this Astrological Gem Essence.


Gem Essences: Gem Essences are made in the same way as Flower Essences. Just like Flower Essences, when you place a crystal or gemstone in pure spring water, it vibrationally charges the water, captures the healing properties of the gemstone and creates a Mother Essence. This essence, when taken internally or used as a spray, affects the energetic field and energy centers of the body. They can either be solar or lunar infused, and this Rose Quartz essence was prepared in the traditional Solar Essence style right as the moon was full at 8:36 AM EDT on March 31st, 2018, and then infused under the moonlight later in the evening as the moon shone bright, potent, and illuminating.



Here is the message I received straight from my journal as I opened to receive what the properties and healing potential this special Rose Quartz Essence contains - 


"This essence contains the frequency of Inner Beloveds in Holy Matrimony. I unite the Inner Masculine + Feminine and alchemize these polarities into One, meeting in the heart space. The signs of Aries and Libra are the polarities, and as the keepers of Self in Partnership, this essence helps heal the wounds of separation and boundaries within the heart space. Rose Quartz supports the presence of life, of light, of shining our inner light like the sun and moon for ourselves and others."


"The moon is our landscape for our emotions. It is our compass for what brings us peace within ourselves and reflects to others. This inner peace comes from feeling it all, from treating all as the Beloved. The Rose Heart teaches emotional freedom, supporting the flow of emotions and deep self expression with another. Allowing yourself to be seen, but also having empathy, understanding, and compassionate connection with everything else. A balance that is always shifting but never wavering in it's Love."


"It is time to witness and love each other as ourselves, while also keeping what we need, what helps us to feel that connection to Self, in all that connects us to our Self, in all our relations - that which connects us deeply to the heart center so that we can be free to make
our life entirely devoted to the loving union within and without. A Holy Matrimony of the highest degree, because it has begun within, not without."



"The Aries/Libra axis shows that the individual balances with the partner, the Other, the world, the All - Our inner struggles are soothed when we unite within the heart space. The upper 3 chakras and the lower 3 chakras, meeting in the middle in the glorious teacher of the heart."


"Look within, to the teacher of the heart

Look within, for the healing of the soul"


"Union is a circle that begins and ends in the heart space. Love is the complete healing frequency for all that's to come. Love, love, love - let the word flow over your tongue, roll down to your womb, up through your crown. That is the way. The way is through. The way is within. The way is through the heart. This is where all healing, all suffering, begins and ends. This is where we know no separation, for what begins must end, and what ends must begin again. This is where we meet our true self and unite with the heart of theUniverse that we are all a part of, that we all contain a piece of and are meant to be at peace in."


"The beautiful song of spring unfolds here. Let the bloom of your center emerge. Being meeting becoming. Not a cloud in the sky, for the protection of love is all that we ever need. All that we must call upon in any moment to help us connect, unite, free ourselves from the limitations that bind us to separateness - the only thing we need is to allow ourselves to be that Love! The purity of intentions and the darkness of paradox unites within the heart, where our soul lives, where our Holy Marriage to the Beloved begins and ends, ends and begins, forever in love."



You can purchase a bottle of Rose Quartz Gem Essence here, or contact me for a custom essence blend where we can work with the energies present within your heart for transformation and healing. 


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