A Dose of Sovereignty: Medicine for an Empathic Queen

June 15, 2018


White Yarrow and Queen Anne’s Lace. Two plant allies that are dear to my heart and that support me on a daily basis. My gratitude for these two are endless...


Last summer, these two plants danced on the edge of the woods near my home and asked me to capture their essences, on the same day. Later I realized that these two essences are a very powerful, protective and supportive duo that I recommend to almost everyone that asks for essence suggestions. Combined, they create the Sovereign Essence Blend.


The white signature of both of these flowers often gets them confused to those just starting to notice the plant realm, as there are many plants that burst into heads of multi-flowered white lace-like beauty in the springtime. But Yarrow and Queen Anne are from different families, and don’t actually hold many similar properties - every plant is SO unique!


On an energetic level, White Yarrow is helpful for empaths, intuitive's, and beings who have incarnated into this life with the gift of sensitivity. As an essence, it completely surrounds the energetic aura as a blanket of protection, cocooning your energy while shielding you from outside influences that may be interfering with your natural state of being.


Yarrow doesn’t protect from “bad energy”, or from “negativity” - instead, Yarrow offers a way to filter energies that may not be directly from you, so that you can find what is actually the cause of the imbalance in your emotional, mental, or energetic wellbeing. With this, Yarrow helps bring forth the reminder that in any moment you can choose whether or not to absorb energies that are not your own.


This is where Sovereignty comes into play - for we are all constantly co-mingling with one another, and there is no way to completely “rid ourselves” of the energetic imprints around us. If we were to do this, we would most likely become empty and a dense shadow of ourselves.


To be sovereign is to remain autonomous in deciding what affects you, while acknowledging that above all, your emotional intelligence is of upmost importance.


Sovereignty is not about alone-ness or solitude. It is the ever-evolving mastery of balanced feminine discipline that supports you in saying “no, not right now” or “yes, I choose to ask for support” or “I am clear in going towards what is best for me, free from the opinions and influences of others”. 


Queen Anne’s Lace helps you in restoring belief in your personal power, supporting sovereignty within all situations/interpersonal relations in life. Her medicine has a special affinity for those that feel trapped, dis-empowered, or are struggling to maintain positive self-esteem. She does not build you up from a place of ego or false hope. Instead, she supports the balancing of ego and the higher self, clearing the pathway to unite both through service of the heart. Often when you are stepping into a new phase of life, learning to communicate more clearly, or are in the later stages of healing from trauma, Queen Anne can help you to see that you are enough and that you are worthy of stepping into your full, sovereign truth. 


Both of these essences also support integration of all parts of the Self, helping you embody your truth, story, and service. Sovereignty shows up from within, but we also must be sovereign in the ways we ask for support and help. One place of growth for the Queen archetype is knowing that she does not need to do it all herself. Without asking for help, the Queen becomes isolated, bitter, resentful and disconnected from her body, spirit and soul. The Queen’s gifts are her emotional intelligence, the way she can See from all perspectives, synthesize and integrate the vision and make clear, direct action (or non action) from there. Those who carry Queen energy often forget that co-creation and support from others will benefit all those that She serves!


Leaning into Sovereignty, Embodiment, Personal Power and Autonomy is not a path with a goal — it is one that evolves, sometimes gently, sometimes intensely, throughout life. The Sovereign Essence Blend is an offering of support and protection to All that are on this path.


From now until June 30th, I’m offering 22% off the Sovereign Essence Blend so that this medicine can hopefully reach more people. I would love to send you one. You can use the code “sovereignsupport” upon checkout to purchase, dear ones.


"Took your Sovereign Essence blend today. Reconnects me to my why's, roots me into my purpose, stress melts and I feel clarified in my intentions."

- Jazmine Russell, Counselor + Herbalist



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