A Vision of Heart // Musings on Plant Medicine + Healing

July 23, 2018



I think that a lot of people turn to plant medicine because they are suffering.


Because they are looking for another way of coping, healing, dealing with what it is that is there unique wound to heal in this lifetime.


A big word, Medicine is.


What does medicine mean? How has it lost its power, how has it multiplied in definition?


There’s a lot of information out there that helps us to learn, when in actuality, each time we learn, we are remembering, too. Remembering that we are the medicine. This is not new. Nothing we are or have or are becoming is new.


That which is medicine is all encompassing ~ the earth, the water, the fire, the breath, the stars from which we seek guidance.


We are remembering that plant medicine is a way of integrating, ingesting, practicing, becoming the medicine.


We live in uncertain times. Grounding, a phrase of the mind, not entirely embodied until we disintegrate from these devices into the realm of what we already know is, beyond ~ without escaping.


The cliche that ‘everything we need is within’ has its roots in our ability to discern and find what it is that will support us.


I see many of us starving ourselves of human needs such as affection, love, intimacy, movement, speaking our truth ~ but still searching for the medicines that will ‘cure' us of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, loneliness, anything and everything.


Call me an idealist, but I do see a world where plant medicine is an extension of the heart, crafted through hands that show and not only tell, brought with care to feed all parts of the suffering self.


Perhaps this is the vision many of us hold for now, but I don’t feel it is the experience… Are we moving into times where all is connected, not as a thought, but as reality?


I would like to say, yes ~ I would like to believe, that suffering shifts when all parts of the self are engaged with all parts of the whole // mind, body, soul, spirit medicine. 


It takes courage, though. It takes care, though. And it takes heart, too, to walk this path. Remembering to remember takes awareness and accountability. Let's help one another, shall we? Let's have compassion, yes? 


This is where I’m interested in growing, participating and sharing from. This is what I see and believe to be possible.




I am glad to have you by my side in these uncertain times, dear friend. Thank you. 


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A Vision of Heart // Musings on Plant Medicine + Healing

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