Enter, Motherwort ~

July 27, 2018



My ability to think for myself is extremely important these days.


Point blank, that is why I'm sharing this. 


My ability to think for myself, before I consult outside of me, is extremely important, worthy, and valuable.


Point blank, no other explanation needed. 


I believe flower essences are the medicine of liberation, and in this they free us from whatever binds is - emotionally speaking (not talking any real legal limitations // social economical injustices that are very real and can’t be “healed” through such means on their own) - and so flower essences help me to see where I am blocking myself, so that I can fully think, feel, act from my own Self and not from the conditioned version of me. We are all conditioned, yet we all do have the ability to see through these conditionings and into the he(art) of what we are Being, not only Doing.

It’s really important right now to not go along with the status quo- no matter what circle you run in, even if it’s the most badass + awake circle that does see from multiple perspectives. Yet there are always power dynamics at play, even within ourselves and especially within interpersonal dynamics... Who are we putting in a place of power over us? Whose decisions and views take precedent over our own? Whose voices are in our head, really? Where do they come from? How does it feel to listen, or to rebel, or to work with, them?


Enter, Motherwort. LEONURUS CARDIACA, or Lion-Hearted, in Latin. 


Fresh Motherwort Tincture ++ Leaves // 


Motherwort is a special plant whose essence has helped me in setting emotional boundaries in order to distinguish what my needs are and what needs are being placed upon me by those that I put into a place of power.


Yes, this can be friends, family members, those that have more followers than me... ALL of it.

I’ve always had a bit of rebel in me, but lately I have been afraid that this rebel is somehow wrong. That the reasons she may be rebelling aren't valid, aren't enough of a reason "why".


Through taking Motherwort, I’m seeing that this rebel is actually only afraid of being different, of speaking out and it not being the most popular opinion.


The fear of taking a stance that I may later regret because, well, it wasn’t my personal truth to begin with.


We can argue about truth (there is not, ever, one complete truth) but we can’t argue with the knowing that we don’t always know what’s "right", and yet it’s so dangerous // To put those in power over us, to value others opinions, no matter how respected they may be, over our own.


We are humans that learn best through our own direct experience, through trial and error, through realizing how resilient we actually are or aren’t when we fall under the pressure of defending our opinions - which we may come to find are not actually ours - a wonderful benefit of being challenged, yet we also can’t let others challenge us to the extent of forgetting ourselves.


Motherwort is the subtle, powerful medicine that comes in to create boundaries that promote freedom. Boundaries of what we let affect us and what thoughts we let take precedence over our own. Over our sovereign truth. Over our Love, over our decisions to say No, or Yes. 


Power is not a concept. Power cannot always be balanced. Power is a living extension of the way this universe plays itself out. There is no spiritualizing Power away. Power is real. And power can be taken back, or given away, in every moment. We just have to be willing to see, to open our Lion Hearts ++ enter into ourselves to find the voices // thoughts \\ feelings // that are truly our OWN.


Perhaps sitting with Motherwort, taking the Flower Essence or tincture in a drop-dose form (a few drops) can support you with thinking for yourSelf, clarifying where and to who you gi-ve-ft your power away to, and how to come back Home, to your Self, in order to spread ++ share what it is that truly comes from You. 


Because we all have something to share, with these Lion-Hearts of wisdom ++ life. But sometimes, we have to go back to the Mother of ourSelves first. 


One step at a time. 





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